Chiropractic is an alternative treatment and is the safest solution for your pain management. Although it does not harm our health, we hardly pay attention to chiropractic care. When we get tired of taking medicine and get scared from the surgeries, chiropractic treatment may come to our mind. We suggest you visit a chiropractor before things get worse. You can consult with Dr. Moe Pisciottano for getting the most useful suggestions for your health. Let’s learn when you must visit a chiropractor for the treatment.

When pain seems unbearable:

When pain disturbs your regular lifestyle and stops you from doing your general activities, it is the best time to visit a chiropractor. Although the best time is before your pain becomes unbearable, you can consult a doctor anytime you want. Through spinal adjustments, chiropractors align the misaligned discs and reduce the pressure from your bones and muscles.

Visit an experienced chiropractor for your pain management. Only an experienced doctor can treat your conditions perfectly. If you experience pain in your back, neck, legs, and shoulders, you can consult with chiropractic treatment.

Long sitting periods:

If your job requires you to sit for long hours, it takes a toll on your health. Even if you may not experience any pain and damage, prolonged sitting has many bad impacts on your health, which you will feel gradually. Pain in your back and neck are also connected with prolonged sitting. You can visit a chiropractor for your treatment. Chiropractic treatment aligns your spine and releases pressure from your bones and muscles, keeping your body healthy and active.

Slow healing:

If you have an accident, and the traditional treatment does not offer you a better relief, you can visit a chiropractor for the treatment. Doctors perform spinal adjustments using different instruments like ProAdjuster and address the underlying cause. Remember that traditional treatment does not heal the root cause of the problem, and they cure the symptoms of any complications. Unlike the conventional treatment methods, chiropractic treatment offers you the best solution for your health. Chiropractic treatment improves the natural healing effects of the body.

Prevent future pain and immobility:

Chiropractic treatment is a preventive tool that keeps all functions of your body in harmony. If you think that doctors can help you when you have pain symptoms, you are wrong. You can visit a doctor to protect you from the immobility issue. Chiropractic treatment helps you take care of your nerves, joints, ligaments, and more.

You can also consult with a doctor if your inner health gets affected by accidents, improper exercises, falls, and more things.

Consult with an experienced chiropractor for your treatment. Dr. Maurice Pisciottano will offer you the best solution as he performs advanced chiropractic treatment with ProAdjuster and sigma instruments. If you need any help, please contact us.

Back pain causes hurdles to continue regular duties. Nearly everyone experiences back pain at least once in their life. Those who work desk jobs have a higher chance to develop back pain, and every day seems painful. Pharmaceuticals may not offer the right solutions because they treat pain, not the root cause of the problem. You can consult with an experienced chiropractor for your back pain. Chiropractic care does not rely on medicines for the cure. It improves the natural healing formula for your health. By spinal adjustments, we improve the body’s ability to treat the complications. The conventional adjustment process has improved with the use of modern devices like ProAdjuster and Sigma instruments.

Besides our treatments, patients can also perform some healthy activities that reduce the cause of back pain. We want a pain-free life for you, and our aim is to keep you healthy and active. We share some of the best plans for your back pain management.

Follow these tips to take care of your health:

Exercise regularly:

When you follow regular exercise, you can make your core strong and keep your heart healthy. Exercise helps you maintain your optimum wellness. Invest 20 to 30 minutes every day for your regular exercise plans. Perform cardio and other types of exercise to take care of your health.

Lift anything carefully:

Keep your back straight and bend your knees when lifting something heavy. Use your legs to pick anything. If you lift weight improperly, it can cause pain in your back.

Don’t sit for too long:

Your body is not made for sitting long hours. Stretch and bend yourself if you do a desk job. Get up from your chair from time to time and keep your body flexible.

Buy a good mattress and a pillow:

A good mattress makes you feel comfortable, and it should not have to be stone-like. Choose a mattress that supports your hip and shoulders. You can also buy an orthopedic pillow as it can work well for reducing your back pain. These pillows keep your neck straight when you sleep on your side and curve intact when you lie on your back.

Don’t sleep on your front:

When you sleep on your face down, it can harm your spine and impose pressure on your neck. Lie on your side or your back to reduce the chance of developing back pain.

Pay attention to the ergonomically designed desk:

Since you sit for long hours at your desk, paying attention to ergonomics work like wonders for you. Set your desk ergonomically right by adjusting your chair and the desk height. A good ergonomic work setup allows you to keep your feet on the floor, knees at a 90-degree angle, and thighs parallel to the floor. The desk should be at your elbow’s height. Keep the top of the screen at your eye level. There are many things that you can research when it comes to an ergonomic workstation. It improves your posture, reducing the chances for back pain, neck pain, and other complications.

Consult with Dr. Maurice Pisciottano, a well-known chiropractor offering faster relief from your underlying health complications. He uses modern techniques for adjustments and offers precision treatment for an improvement of your health. Please visit us to know more.

Chiropractors help patients to relieve their pain using spinal adjustment methods. Fitness injuries are very common among the cases. We have performed treatments for pulled muscles, strains, sprains, ligament tears, and more problems. Although we can treat any fitness injury, we believe prevention is better than cure. We have come up with the best plans that help you stay protected from injuries. We want your good health, and following these plans will help you take care of your health. If you need any individual health assistance, you can contact Dr. Moe Pisciottano. He is an experienced chiropractor and offers advanced spinal adjustments for your health.

Perform warm-up:

A warm-up session is necessary while performing an exercise. A proper fitness regimen always includes a warm-up session that prepares your body for different exercises. Remember that the tight muscles while performing exercises can cause a stretch in your hamstring, cause lower back pain, and ligament tearing. When you do light stretching before your exercise, it widens the blood vessels and enhances your energy level for your workout.

Learn the proper technique to reduce your injury:

When you know a proper technique for performing exercises, you can avoid injuries and pain related to your exercise. Learn the right movements for performing specific exercises, following all instructions carefully. Understand your core strength and include exercises that help you comfortably perform your workout routine. When you try to overdo things, it will adversely affect your health. So, we always suggest exercises that you can perform with ease.

Maintaining muscles flexibility:

When your muscles remain flexible, you can enhance your athletic ability and can prevent injuries easily. Plan a stretching routine to keep your muscles flexible. It will also help you avoid visiting chiropractors for treating your pain. We want your good health, and this tip will reduce your pain and discomforts surely.

After exercise routine:

The cooldown session after your exercise is another important thing for your health. After your exercise, you can stretch out your muscles for 10 to 15minutes. Cooling down after exercise is as essential as warming up before your workout routine. It protects you from strains, sprains, and muscles pulls.

Drink water:

Drinking water keeps you well hydrated, and your muscles and discs also remain in good conditions. It also helps you in preventing injuries.

If you unknowingly hurt your body, even following these prevention rules, you can always call us to get a treatment safe for your health. Dr. Maurice Pisciottano is an experienced ProAdjuster Chiropractic doctor who performs the best treatment plans that treat your complication faster. ProAdjuster improves the traditional chiropractic methods. These days, chiropractors can easily identify the problem-causing area and plan the proper treatment. This instrument generates controllable force for the adjustments that make the treatment plan gentler for patients. You can contact us anytime to get the best suggestions for your treatment. We will be happy to help you.

Chiropractic treatment has many myths that even stop people from getting musculoskeletal adjustments by trained professionals. It is even believed that medical doctors do not believe in chiropractic care. We unveil every fact to make you understand more about the treatment choice. Chiropractic treatment does not include any medicines and surgical choices for your health. It comes up with a wide range of advancements to treat pain and discomforts. Apart from the manual spinal adjustment options, chiropractors use instrument-assisted treatment to offer better relief.  Adjustments with ProAdjuster make the treatment gentler and easier for patients. Consult with an experienced doctor.

Myth1: it is a dangerous method:

Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) reveals a study conducted on 1,700 patients with lower back pain. They researched that spinal manipulation is a safe choice for your health. Chiropractors concentrate on the source of the pain and apply the best solution for your pain relief. Without medicines, surgeries, and steroids, this treatment is safe for your health. Many doctors also recommend such alternative therapies before any severe treatment.

Myth 2: Chiropractors are not the real doctor:

Chiropractors are not medical doctors, but it is not true that they are not real doctors. Chiropractors complete a doctor of chiropractic degree and earn a state license for offering the treatment. So, they need less education to be a doctor is not true. Before their practice, they must complete the four years of doctoral graduate school programs. When they get licensed, they have completed eight years of education in this field.

Myth3: Chiropractors are only for neck and back pain:

This is another wrong misconception that needs the right explanation. Chiropractors often treat an array of health complications along with neck and back pain. We have included some conditions that may surprise you also.

  1. Migraine
  2. Tension headache
  3. Sinus headache
  4. Sciatica
  5. Disc problem
  6. Tendinitis
  7. Hip pain
  8. Shoulder pain
  9. Sports injuries, and more.

Chiropractors employ a different kind of treatments for the adjustments, and some of them are dry needling, ultrasound, and more.

When a patient comes to us, we craft a unique treatment choice that offers real solutions. Dr. Maurice Pisciottano will offer you the best treatment choice for your health. He is an experienced doctor and offers advanced adjustment with instruments like ProAdjuster. With this instrument, doctors can easily find out the problem and plan the treatment.

At us, the treatment is convenient for your health. We concentrate on your health and offer you the best help. If you avoid these myths, chiropractic treatment is safe for you.