For older adults, chiropractic treatment is the safest method because it is a non-surgical and non-medication approach. Doctors always recommend alternative treatments for pain management before prescribing medicines. Older adults can visit a chiropractor for their pain treatment since he/she treats the complication by adjusting the spine. If you need any help, you can contact Dr Moe Pisciottano. He is an experienced doctor living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He earned a chiropractic degree in 1989 and has been helping patients for treating pain through the most effective treatment approach.

Dr Maurice Pisciottano, more popularly known as Dr Moe Pisciottano, uses advanced chiropractic treatment and conventional spine adjustment choices. ProAdjuster, Sigma Instruments, and Spine Adjuster are such devices that help chiropractors make the treatment process gentler and more precise. ProAdjuster checks vertebral fluidity and rigidity to assist a doctor in treating misalignment in the spine as well as improving the function of the central nervous system. Sigma instruments are computer-assisted devices that offer more insightful detail about bone and muscle movement.

Is chiropractic care safe for older people?

Chiropractic treatment is not a new treatment choice. It has been helping patients for over 100 years, but recently, it gets more known to people. If you are looking for a non-medication and surgical approach for improving your health, chiropractic treatment proves to be the best choice for your health.

Since opioid drug addiction is becoming more serious, doctors suggest non-drug approaches for pain treatment. Older people must ask their doctors which kind of pain treatment he/she uses. Chiropractic treatment is a vast area, and chiropractors apply different therapy choices besides spinal manipulation. He can treat your complication with massage therapy, nutritional changes, and exercises. So, ask your doctor about the treatment option for your health.

A chiropractor will ask you questions about your medical history. Do not hide anything and disclose information regarding your past surgeries, injuries, and more. Share all details about your previous and recent health conditions with your doctor to get the best approach for your health.

Your chiropractor will ask you when you feel severe pain or whether your health condition changes your strength or not, and more.

The benefits and risks of chiropractic care for older adults:

A chiropractor will decide what treatment you need. Sometimes, doctors suggest other choices after analyzing your health conditions. Let’s discuss some important factors of chiropractic treatment for older people.

  1. It is a natural treatment option where you do not take medicines. Medications often cause side effects on your health.
  2. Chiropractic treatment increases your body’s range of motion, offering you a better life.
  3. It also reduces the risk of falls in older people.
  4. Chiropractic treatment sometimes treats chronic conditions in older people.

Although chiropractic treatment does not cause any severe side effects, doctors do not prescribe the treatment choice for certain health conditions like a higher risk of bone damage and injury.

If you have any questions regarding chiropractic care, you can consult with Dr Moe Pisciottano for your health. He has a vast year of knowledge in the field of treating your complication. Visit us to know more.

A chiropractic adjustment is an important treatment option for those who are having pain or bone dysfunctional issues. It is also a proven therapy for some health conditions like osteoporosis. Let your chiropractors make spinal adjustments to improve communication in your nervous system. Find an experienced doctor for your treatment. ProAdjuster Chiropractic doctors are experienced in manual and instrument-assisted treatments. These doctors will identify your health complication first and then plan the treatment. If you still think about why you need a spinal adjustment, here are the answers that may convince you.

When your spinal joints have improper movements, it affects the nerves near them. Through chiropractic adjustments, doctors help you get mobility into the joints.  The treatment also restores any nervous disturbs and promotes your overall health.

Is it a safe option:

Chiropractic adjustments are safe. This treatment has many techniques, and a chiropractic doctor can decide which treatment brings the best result for patients. Every doctor performs one-on-one conversations with patients to learn about a patient’s health history. Often, they will suggest to you some tests ensure your health.

We would like to answer some common questions regarding the spinal adjustments here.

Visit an experienced chiropractor for the treatment. Dr. Moe Pisciottano is an experienced doctor and helps patients recover from pain-related problems.  He also uses advanced instruments to apply gentle pressure on the affected area of your body. Besides, he is a known name for manual adjustments with making hand thrust. Sometimes, consistent gentle pressure treatment brings the best result for you.

Clear your doubts with us:

Spinal adjustment does not make your spine loose:

The adjustment only unlocks the locked joints. The only affected area of your spin structure will be taken care of by chiropractors. With the spinal adjustments, you can keep your bones in the right conditions. Your muscles and surrounding joints also get healed.

You do not need many chiropractic adjustments:

Some people have misconceptions that chiropractic adjustments require patients to attend many sessions. But, it completely depends on the problem you have. Let an experienced chiropractor decide.

The adjustment will give you a calm experience:

A chiropractic adjustment is not painful. These days, advanced techniques make the treatment even gentler. A doctor uses ProAdjuster to find out the affected area and make the adjustments. The manual adjustments may make popping sounds, but the new-age technique is great and convenient for patients.

If you need any advice regarding your chiropractic treatment, you can contact Dr. Maurice Pisciottano. He is an experienced be in the field and offers the best treatment for your health. Please contact us for more details.

You can make your chiropractic treatment successful by following a few things that we have discussed here.

Besides choosing the best chiropractic doctor, you have many roles to play in making your treatment successful. Chiropractors perform spinal adjuster to help you relieve your pain. The treatment helps you improve your body balance, promote your mobility and many health conditions. Find the best chiropractor for your health. Modern chiropractic treatment is different from conventional therapies. The instruments like ProAdjuster help chiropractors modernize the treatment. These computerized devices show visual details on the affected part.

If you want to enhance the success rate of your treatment, you need to maintain three things: clarity, commitment, and consistency.


Clarity is the first step to success. When you have a complete idea about the treatment and how it helps you, the success rate of the treatment will also go high.

Chiropractic treatment improves the functions of your nervous system, promoting your overall health. This is the truth of chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic treatment improves the range of functions of your spine.

With chiropractic treatment, neck pain or back pain problems will also reduce. You must understand the importance of spinal adjustment to avoid misconceptions regarding your health.

To understand better, you can consult with Dr. Maurice Pisciottano. He is an experienced chiropractor and offers improved chiropractic treatment with spinal adjustments.


Commitment is another thing to concentrate on. If you want to get the best health care, commitment will help you get success. Stay committed to the treatment. Chiropractic care needs time to make you feel the improvements. Concentrate on your health and choose the best treatment.


Consistency can give you success in your treatment process. Take care of your health and follow what your chiropractors tell you. You can consult with an experienced doctor who can use advanced technologies for your spinal care. Your spine houses the nervous systems, so keep your spin structure in perfect condition. You can consult with Dr. Moe Pisciottano for chiropractic treatment.

He holds vast knowledge in the field, offering effective chiropractic care for your health. Using sigma instruments and ProAdjuster, we help you with the best suggestions. Chiropractic care improves your quality of life. Our aim is to improve your mobility and flexibility.

Visit us for more details. We introduce advanced chiropractic treatment for your health care. Eliminating the guessing work, we follow the computerized proof for your health. If you have any doubts regarding your health, please contact our doctor.

Chiropractic adjustments benefit many people suffering from back pain and other chronic pain issues. But, the technology makes pain treatment more comfortable and convenient for patients. As time goes, new technologies ensure a better cure, reducing the discomforts. ProAdjuster is such an instrument that improves chiropractic treatment by identifying the problem area in your body and enhancing the treatment process.

When it comes to chiropractic treatment, the manual adjustment can be a painful experience. Besides, this practice may not be a suitable choice for people with certain health conditions where twisting movements make the affected body parts more sensitive. But, ProAdjuster makes it comfortable for you. The gentle and safe manipulation of this instrument does not hurt you like a manual adjustment.

How does it work?

In chiropractic treatment, palpation is a common technique for checking joint fluidity and other problems. An improper motion affects the nerve’s function, and this situation is termed subluxation. ProAdjuster determines vertebra’s motion to check rigidity and fluidity. This instrument helps a chiropractor or a doctor measure the accurate level of motion. So, with the help of this instrument, a doctor can isolate the problematic area faster.

Dr. Moe Pisciottano is a well-known chiropractor, offering real help to people with chronic pain issues. He always adopted technological innovation to improve the treatment process for providing better relief to patients. He employs the ProAdjuster technique for making chiropractic treatment more precise and comfortable.

ProAdjuster records information regarding your health issues and complications, which helps doctors get precise information on the rigidity and fluidity of the vertebra areas. A doctor applies a light force first to check motion while a piezoelectric sensor in a ProAdjuster records reflective force and sends it to a computer for interpretation. So, ProAdjuster chiropractor can work better to identify the problem and find the right cure for it.

This sophisticated technology improves the chiropractic technique to make it gentler and smoother for your use. Chiropractors use the instruments to enhance the mobility of your spinal area.

How will ProAdjuster help you?

Dr. Maurice Pisciottano will offer you the best relief from your pain and discomforts, using his vast knowledge of chiropractic and the precise use of the ProAdjuster instrument. With the one-on-one conversion, our doctor will determine your medical history and determine the possible causes of your problem.

Dr. Maurice Pisciottano utilizes the benefits of ProAdjuster’s computerized analysis to plan better care for patients. All the details collected by this instrument will be visible in a charted graph on a computer where our doctor isolates the problematic zone. With the help of the treatment, you can release the pressure on your nerve and allow it to heal and restore its lost ability.

Our doctor will also analyze your health after the adjustments. Please contact Dr. Maurice Pisciottano to get the right solution for your pain and discomfort.

COVID-19 pandemic isn’t finished yet, and unfortunately, it increases after every passing day. That’s why most of us are continuing the work from home option. A recent study proves that many employees suffer from back pain while sitting on a chair hours after hours and completing office tasks. Are you one of those? Then you can consult with Dr. Moe Pisciottano and take valuable suggestions from us. Besides, you can even visit our chiropractic clinic to reduce your pain. Our chiropractors utilize differently advanced treatment techniques at our clinic, including Sigma Chiropractic, Sigma Instruments, to reduce your pain.

Take Self Care to Reduce Pain at Home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, if your physical condition is not so serious, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano might ask for self-care at home to relieve pain. However, if you suffer from chronic pain, don’t waste your precious time and instantly visit our clinic. These are the best practices recommended by Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano to reduce your pain.

1. Sit on a Good Chair:

The first thing you must do to reduce your back pain is to sit on a good chair. Undoubtedly, an office chair is excellent and stylish. However, as per experts, it doesn’t support your spinal joint anyway. Hence, talk to Dr. Moe Pisciottano and, by taking our assistance, create 90-degree angles at your knees and hips when seated.

2. Listen to Your Body:

Be listening to what your physical condition is trying to tell you. Let’s take an example; patients with spinal stenosis might feel comfortable sitting. On the other hand, employees having disc problems might feel the best while standing.

3. More Frequently:

This is another self-care technique recommended by Dr. Moe Pisciottano. Walk a few rounds around the kitchen, or else up and down the stairs. Besides, our chiropractors suggest practicing stretches or light exercises to increase your blood-flowing level. It might lead to a good posture and help you focus on the work.

4. Work Smarter, Not Harder:

If possible, take a break from the computer and keyboard. Listening to music, watching entertaining videos, making phone calls to your friends, and spending some quality time.  These activities help you to complete your office task in a minimal time.

5. Get Creative:

Use towels or pillows under your head while sitting on the chair and make your workstation more relaxable. Besides, as per Dr. Maurice Pisciottano, you can pop up the laptop on books. These tactics will keep your head up as well as your eyes looking straight ahead.

6. Practice Self-Care:

As said earlier, often, our chiropractors suggest taking care of your health by eating well, reducing stress, staying ahead, and exercising regularly. As per a recent study, core exercise extends the back muscles and supports your spinal joint more efficiently. Besides, cardiovascular exercise increases your blood flow. Excessive stress can often lead to back, shoulder, and neck pain.  However, deep breathing and mindfulness techniques can release tension and relax your muscles.

It’s Time to See a Chiropractor

If you continuously perform the above things but still experience back pain, it’s probably time for chiropractic treatment. Unfortunately, this modern treatment technique isn’t available everywhere, and it’s compulsory to treat yourself with a famous chiropractor, like Dr. Moe Pisciottano. Henceforth, we suggest you go to our website Drmoepisciottano-proadjuster360, and book an online appointment to meet our chiropractors.

At the point when the sciatic nerve gets disturbed, it can send consuming, stinging, or shooting torments through your buttock and down the affected leg. Helpless stance and an absence of center and back strength regularly add to sciatica.

Fortunately, if you come to Sigma Chiropractic, Practice Results 360, and try spine adjuster treatment, you can effectively reduce your sciatic pain. Besides, at our chiropractic clinic, Dr. Moe Pisciottano might often order daily exercises at your home, which will strengthen weak postural as well as release pressure from the sciatic nerve to decrease pain. This blog will disclose the top 8 sciatica exercises and stretches you can try at your house.

1. Press Up:

As per Dr. Maurice Pisciottano, the Press Up exercise might significantly reduce sciatica pain caused by the lower spine. To do this exercise, first, you should lie on the stomach with elbows. Then, bend them at your sides and palms down. After that, pull down your belly towards the spine. Furthermore, give pressure on the forearms and elbows; after that, gently raise your chest upwards. Keep holding the position for 30 to 40 seconds and breathe deeply. Repeat at least 5 to 10 times per day.

2. Gluteal Stretch:

The gluteal stretch extends the piriformis muscles and releases pressure from the sciatic pain. So, first, bent your knees and lay flat on the back. Keep a towel below your head. Slowly raise one foot and gently bring it to the opposite knee. Then, you need to pull your heads toward the head gently. Breathe deeply and hold the position for 40 seconds. Repeat the exercise several times.

3. Sciatic Stretch:

As per Dr. Moe Pisciottano, this stretch increases the muscle’s flexibility surrounding the sciatic nerve. Hence, lie on your knees and keep a pillow or towel under your head first. Pull your belly toward the spinal joint in order to keep your body back flat on the surface. Then, raise your one knee to your chest. After that, slightly shift your heel toward the ceiling.

4. Half Lord of the Fishes Yoga Pose:

By utilizing this sciatica stretch, you can reduce pain in the buttocks.  First, sit on a mat and extend both your legs. Keep your hands behind your hips to support you. Slightly keep your right leg over your left leg. Then, you need to rotate your trunk to the right and move your upper arm against the right thing. Hold the position for several seconds and perform many times.

5. Pelvic Tilt:

Pelvic Tilt extends abdominal muscle strength to reduce sciatica pain. So, first, sit on a mat and lie flat on the back. Keep a small pillow or towel underneath your head for additional support. Furthermore, you should take a deep breath and engage your abdominal muscles. Then, pull your belly toward the spine. Keep holding the position for 10 to 15 seconds. Rest for a few seconds and relax your muscles. Repeat the step multiple times.

6. Prone Leg Raise:

It can increase your lower back strength. To apply this exercise, keep both your arms at your side and lie flat on the stomach. Pull your belly near the spine to engage the core muscles. However, don’t tuck the chin. Hold the position as long as possible. Repeat the step for another side.

7. Warrior I Pose:

Warrior I Pose increases flexibility in the lower back. Stand on a mat and slightly turn your left foot outward. After that, slightly step forward with the right foot. Keep your right knee directly over the ankle and hold the position as much as you can. Put your arms toward the sky and bring the palms together. Continue deep breathing and hold the position for 30 to 40 seconds. Repeat it for another side.

8. Knee- To-Chest Stretch:

By practicing this exercise, you can release pressure on sciatic pain and reduce leg muscles and lower back pain.  Keep a towel under your head and lie flat on your back on a mat. Arch both your knees. Gently bring your one knee to the chest, hold your knee with both arms, and then slightly pull toward you. Hold the position for 15 seconds and aim for six repetitions during each season.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Moe Pisciottano might recommend practicing the following exercise at home if you come to Practice Results 360. So, don’t waste your precious time if you continuously suffer from pain and inflammation and visit our clinic today. We also suggest you browse our website Drmoepisciottano-proadjuster360 and book an online schedule to meet Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano.

Chiropractic is a modern treatment with different techniques and tools, including Pro-Adjuster Chiropractic, Sigma Chiropractic, Spine adjuster, Drop-Table Chiropractic Treatment Provides Positive Results to diagnose and effectively treat the musculoskeletal system.

Millions of people suffering from chronic pain often take painkillers; unfortunately, the remedy doesn’t work all the time. As an alternative, if you visit a well-known chiropractic clinic, Practice Results 360, you will be surprised by seeing the number of painful issues carefully handled by Dr. Moe Pisciottano. Besides, we treat our patients naturally without having side effects.

History of Drop Table:

Dr. Clay Thompson invented the drop table in 1957, and this table became an integral part of a chiropractic clinic.

Amusingly, Dr. Thompson found the adequacy of this kind of table when he coincidentally purchased a pre-owned table that had a wrecked headpiece. He experienced that the table dropped when he pushed on the spine with the two handles and made a pushing movement to adjust the spinal joint. Once he changed the table, patients reported that they felt more comfortable.

Dr. Clay Thompson then realizes that he could give a lighter adjustment that will be much better than the manual adjustment without changing the positions. He then used all the information to create a drop table, common equipment in the top chiropractic clinic, such as Practice Results 360.

The Leg Test:

When you visit Practice Results 360, Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano, thoroughly examine your medical history. After that, our chiropractors will conduct a leg test on a drop table. So, you need to lie on the drop table and flex your feet. Then, our chiropractors will check that when you extend both your legs, whether both the feet are the same or not. Now, if muscles are contracted around the sacroiliac, one leg will show shorter. After that, Dr. Moe Pisciottano will apply sudden but controlled pressure to the spinal joint to extend your shorter leg. Keep in mind our chiropractors will use the same method for confined muscles in arms, feet, legs, and hands.

At Practice Results 360, our chiropractors will use multiple adjustment treatments to ensure that the spinal joints are appropriately positioned and improve motion range. Such as,

  1. Lumbar Roll: When you lie on the drop table, our doctors will apply gentle pressure to realign your spine joint.
  2. Toggle Drop: By utilizing hands, our chiropractors will adjust your spine and increase the motion movements.
  3. Motion Palpation: Through their hands, Dr. Moe Pisciottano will make sure your vertebrae move freely.
  4. Instrument Adjustment: When you lie on the drop table, our doctors will use multiple small tools, including Sigma Instruments to provide a gentle spinal analysis and spinal adjustment.
  5. Table Adjustments: By utilizing accurate pressure to the target area of the spine, our chiropractors will properly realign the vertebrae.

Positive Results:

For a few decades, patients will feel the positive results of the drop table. As per a 2019 survey, patients might instantly feel better after spine adjuster treatment on a drop table. Besides, it also improves your flexibility, strength and offers you a night of better sleep.

Drop table will be especially fruitful if you are an athlete. According to research, if you make your treatment on a drop-table, it will significantly reduce aches and pains during a sporting event.

Words from Dr. Moe Pisciottano

As per your physical condition, you might need to visit many times at Practice Results 360 to heal yourself completely. So, if you can’t overcome your inflammation, pain, visit the official website of Practice Results 360, ‘ Drmoepisciottano-proadjuster360‘, and book an appointment to meet our chiropractors.

In case you continously suffer from chronic pain, you might probably have an idea about what chiropractic treatment is. Chiropractic techniques use the direction of the musculoskeletal system- generally the spine to reduce pain, inflammation and increase the motion of the spine.

For some people, chiropractors treat their pain manually, via their own hands. On the other hand, chiropractors often use special techniques, including Pro-Adjuster and Sigma chiropractic, to get the desired result.

Many times, patients might ask whether to choose Sigma instruments or manual adjustment. Well, it depends on the patient’s choice and physical condition. Fortunately, if you visit the Practice Results 360 clinic and consult with Dr. Moe Pisciottano, you can treat yourself the way you want.

Manual Chiropractic Adjustment: An Overview

Keep in mind that manual chiropractic knows as the founder of the chiropractic world.  In this method, doctors utilize their hands to offer the necessary treatment. Therefore, while performing the manual adjustment chiropractic, doctors will utilize their hands to adjust the spinal joint to get the desired result.

Always remember, in the manual adjustment, a chiropractor’s hands will be everything.  However, if you haven’t contact famous chiropractors such as Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano, then sometimes chiropractors might give excessive pressure to the spinal joint. As a result, things might go against you.

 Sigma Instrument Chiropractic Adjustments

While performing instrument-based chiropractic adjustments ( Sigma chiropractic, Pro-Adjuster chiropractic), doctors generally rely on special tools to get an accurate result. This tool is commonly known as an Activator.

The Activator is basically a spring-loaded, hand-held instrument that applies a soft and controlled force to the targeted area of the spinal joint.

As we said earlier, depending on your health condition, chiropractors choose the adjustment method. Therefore, if you want to reduce your back pain, neck pain, inflammations, and other pains of other parts of your body, come to our Practice Result 360 chiropractic clinic. Here, Dr. Moe Pisciottano will utilize the perfect chiropractic technique to treat your problem.

Manual Adjustment Vs. Sigma Chiropractic

  1. The fundamental difference between the Sigma chiropractic and manual adjustment is that, in the Sigma chiropractic, many tools are involved in achieving the desired result. On the other hand, when it comes to manual adjustment, chiropractors simply use their own hands to fix the spinal joints.
  2. Sigma chiropractic is famous for giving accurate, safe, and effective results. However, fewer errors can occur in the manual adjustment, as humans never acquire the same result compared to tools.
  3. The concept of Sigma instruments can be applied to every aspect of medicines. But, these are especially effective in understanding and treat the muscles and spine concept. Also, top universities and chiropractors already proved that instrument-based chiropractic offers higher effectiveness than manual adjustment.

So, Which Chiropractic Adjustment Is Suitable for You?

Bear in mind, the right chiropractic treatment for you depends on your current spine condition & the surrounding soft tissues. However, to get the appropriate answer to it, consult with Dr. Moe Pisciottano.

At Practice Results 360.  Dr. Moe Pisciottano, Dr. Maurice Pisciottano perform their treatments based on the needs of every patient.

For Further Information, Contact Us

Still, confused? Visit our chiropractic clinic Practice Results 360 and clear your all doubts with our chiropractors. So, if you continuously suffer from inflammation, pain, and spinal joint issues, come to us and explain your problems to  Dr. Moe Pisciottano Dr. Maurice Pisciottano. You can even go to our official website Drmoepisciottano-proadjuster360 and schedule an online appointment.