ProAdjuster 360 Success

ProAdjuster 360 Success

If you ask a person on the street what comes to mind when they hear the word chiropractor, the majority of people will tell you that they work on the spine and that they twist and crack someone’s back.

But as chiropractors, we know that is not true. And in fact, there are many instruments out there that allow for proper manipulations without the need for manual adjustments. But because the stereotype has been around for decades, that’s what most people think.

Mechanical instruments such as the ProAdjusterSM have helped further the chiropractic industry. These devices utilize specifically measured tests and then allow the doctor to adjust without ever manually adjusting the patients.

This introduction has helped tens of thousands of chiropractors reach more patients and help them find the relief that they are looking for.

Because instruments like the ProAdjusterSM eliminate the manual adjustment, patients that perhaps weren’t the best candidates for an office are now able to be treated properly and comfortably and can get the proper results.

Implementing computerized and mechanical adjusting into your practice is covered in greater detail at the Grow With Dr. Moe events.

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